Where Can I Buy a Fitbit? (A great Mother’s Day gift!)

Are you still looking for something to buy your girlfriend, wife, or Mother for Mother’s Day?  If so, I think the FitBit is a great gift!

Most of you reading this article are probably Mom’s though… so why not treat yourself to one?  Start tracking how many steps you’re taking as you stroll your little one (and perhaps a dog too) around the block.

walking with a fitbit




Where Can You Buy a Fitbit?

Regardless of whether you’re a mother or not, you’re reading this article because you’re wondering… where can I buy a Fitbit, right?  You must have read great things about it or talked to a friend who loves theirs. Well, research no further.

The best place to buy a Fitbit right now is on Amazon. They are offering the Fitbit Charge for $124.18 which is almost $6 off the regular price that you will find at other retailers. 

If you’re not already an Amazon Prime or Amazon Mom member, click to sign up for a free 30 day membership and get free 2-day shipping.

That means you can shop as late as Wednesday or Thursday and still get your Fitbit in time for Mother’s Day.  


Why Buy a Fitbit?

Are you wondering right now why you would want a Fitbit?  I know a bubble bath probably sounds a lot nicer than an activity tracker, but keep reading and you might just be convinced that a Fitbit is for you.

Let’s face it.  After childbirth it’s hard to find the time and energy to exercise.  Heck, my daughter is almost 2 and it’s still hard to find the time and motivation.  I enjoy getting out of the house though, especially now that the weather is getting nice, and going for walks. 

Walking does great things for your bodyIt strengthens your heart and lungs, can help you lose weight, builds strength and confidence, and improves your stamina.



The Fitbit is a nice little motivator to help get you to take more steps throughout the day. You can set goals, view your progress (daily and weekly) and earn badges for accomplishments.

Most Fitbits have a display on them, but it varies by model.  It is meant to sync with your computer, laptop, tablet, and/or smart phone.


I Don’t Need Motivation to Walk, I Walk With Other Mom’s

You might be saying “I don’t need motivation to walk, I walk with other Mom’s.”  Walking or exercising with other Mom’s is a wonderful way to keep motivated and stay on track with your goals to lose baby weight, but why not step it up another notch?  What if I told you that you’d be able to compete with your friends?  The Fitbit not only tracks your steps and how close you are to reaching your goals, but you can add your friends to your app to see their progress as well.  Under the friends icon it will rank who’s taken the most steps in the last 7 days.  You can then send messages to your friends to cheer them on or to gloat, and you can share badges that you’ve earned via email or social media.  

You can also choose specific challenges. Challenges are events that you start and then invite your friends to participate in. The ‘reaching your specified goal’ (which may be different for each person) is the nice goal because your friends may be at different fitness levels and it’s just encouraging each other to reach their desired goal.  Other options are the more cutthroat challenges to see who can take the most steps today, this week (Monday – Friday) or weekend (Saturday/Sunday).


Let’s Compare Fitbit Models

There are a few different Fitbit models available so let’s talk about them for a minute. 

  • The ‘zip’ and ‘one’ models clip to your pocket.  The ‘one’ can also be strapped to your wrist. The other models are worn on your wrist, preferably your non-dominant hand for more accuracy.  I
  • The ‘one’ and ‘flex’ come with USB dongles to charge it.  I’ve had the issue where the dongle has to be laying at just the right angle though, otherwise it doesn’t charge.
  • They all show a clock display except for the ‘flex’.  This is nice if you don’t want to wear the pedometer and a watch. 

Based on the comparison, I think the best everyday tracker that the average person would want is the Charge.  It’s worn on your wrist so that you won’t lose it or forget it.  The USB charger connects directly to the tracker so that you don’t have the issues with the dongle.  It displays the time, tracks steps, calories, distance, active minutes, and number of floors climbed.  It’s not the least expensive, but it’s not the most expensive, the cost is just over $100 which isn’t bad for this type of technology and quality product.  The Charge also gives Caller ID which the lesser expensive models don’t.  If you link it to your smartphone it will vibrate when you get a call and show you the callers name.  This is helpful if your phone is in the other room or in your pocketbook and you don’t hear it.  It’s also compatible with over 120 devices/smartphones, working on Apple, Android, and Windows phones.

Photo by Amazon


How Does Fitbit Charge compare to other activity trackers? 

I’ve done some research and here’s what I’ve found:

  • Jawbone Up2– It has a few nice features. The wristband is very thin which is nice for women.  It offers the benefit of receiving hourly vibration reminders to keep you moving throughout the day which is a good idea and it allows you to make note of what mood you are in to see how your moods effect your step count which is also pretty cool.  The bad news though, is that it has no display so everything has to be looked up on your smart   phone (similar to the Fitbit flex) but there are MANY complaints… it’s hard to clasp, falls off, is hard to sync, and doesn’t hold up well.
  • Nike Fuel Band – I thought the Jawbone had a lot of bad reviews.  This band seems to have more negative reviews than positive ones… mostly due to it breaking or not syncing. Yikes!  I’m not even going to mention the pros or cons of the device itself because if you can’t rely on it working, what’s the sense?
  • Garmin VivoFit 2 – This band offers the same type of hourly vibration alerts when you go inactive which is nice.  It also automatically adjusts your goals so when you meet certain milestones it expects you to do more the next day.  The point is to get you to gradually increase your fitness level but I’m not sure I agree with this method.  I think I’d rather have control of my goals. The VivoFit also does not keep track of stairs climbed and you probably won’t find as many friends using this device to compete with. Overall though, I think this was the better of the contenders.


Here’s a quick video showing you visually what this product has to offer.


Are you convinced?

If you’re looking to get more active, the Fitbit Charge is definitely the way to go. As I mentioned early on in the article, Amazon is offering the best price. 

Click here to get the FitBit Charge from Amazon

If you combine that with Amazon Mom’s free 2-day shipping (30 day trial is available), it’s a great deal.  Good luck with reaching your goals!


2 comments on “Where Can I Buy a Fitbit? (A great Mother’s Day gift!)

  1. Kristy, Thanks for this informative review. I recently visited my sister and she had just gotten a Fitbit and was showing me all the cool features. I think this is a great little tool especially in this technology based world-great for people on the go. I love the idea of having healthy competitions with other Fitbit users, what a great way to stay motivated to reach goals!

  2. Kristy

    Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment Jess. I’m glad you found my article interesting and informative. I’ve found that the Fitbit makes me competitive even with myself to see if I can reach my daily goal or walk more this week than last. Once I added some Fitbit friends, the experience became even better. You’ll have to start challenging your sister!

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