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binkyI’m sure you’ve heard stories of toddlers not wanting to give up their pacifier and as a parent you wonder if it’s worth that struggle later on. It’s true that you will eventually have to break your child of the habit, but is it worth it to use a pacifier? I know it was for my daughter, but weigh the pros and cons and decide if it’s right for your little one. Or… you may find that nothing seems to soothe him/her and out of desperation you give them a Binky. Parenting is tough and sometimes we struggle with what to do and when. I remember when I was pregnant I didn’t think I would give my daughter a Binky because I didn’t want her to become addicted. I had heard other Mom’s stories and I didn’t want to go through that. You know what though? I realized that it really helped!

Here’s some information to help in your decision.


 thumbs_upBenefits of a Binky

Comforting – Babies find the sucking motion soothing and it can help calm a little one, allowing them to fall asleep more easily. It can also comfort them when they are upset.

Reduces Risk of SIDS – Research has shown that babies who suck on pacifiers while sleeping have a reduced risk of Infant Sudden Death Syndrome. For more information on SIDS, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention page.


thumbs_downNegative Aspects of a Binky

Can Become a Habit – As a baby grows, they can become very attached to their binky and not want to give it up. Although, toddlers can just as easily be addicted to sucking on their thumb too. It’s best to wean your child off the binky as they get older by only allowing them to have it during naps.

Nipple Confusion – Some studies show that if a baby is given a pacifier too soon they may be confused when given a nipple for breastfeeding. I breastfed my daughter and she loved her binky and she had no problem at all with this, but all babies are different so it’s something to consider.

Not Good For the Teeth – My doctor told me that it could cause some bite problems and that I should start to wean my daughter from it, but she’s now 18 months. It was not a huge concern, just more of a suggestion. If she is still using the binky at age 3, it will be more of a concern.

Here are some unique binky’s to check out:


MAM Glow in the Dark Pacifiers

If you decided to go ahead and give your baby a pacifier, the next question is… which one do you buy? There are a ton to choose from but my daughter and I preferred the MAM brand. MAM works with pediatric dentists and orthodontists to ensure the best fit in the mouth. They also have air holes so that moisture doesn’t build up and cause pimples on the face. They typically come in a plastic container that you add a little water to and put in the microwave to sterilize. This is much quicker than boiling water to do it so I found that handy.

Not only do they have standard binkies with various designs, they also have ‘glow in the dark’ ones that work to some extent. They didn’t stay glowing all night but I did find it helpful.

Click on the picture to check it out.


Keep it Kleen Pacifier – Pacifier that Closes When Dropped

I had gotten one of these as a gift at my baby shower and thought it was pretty neat. We didn’t use it all the time as it wasn’t my daughter’s favorite but I loved the idea of it and used it on occasion when we were out in public.

How does the Keep it Kleen pacifier work? If it’s dropped, it automatically closes before hitting the floor so it stays protected! Clever, huh?

Click on the picture to learn more




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