Sleepy Music for Babies

Music can be uplifting, motivating, and inspiring. It is a powerful force that our body and brain react to even though it’s only through sound waves. I think it’s important to play all types of music for your baby to give them exposure (assuming there is no foul language). It helps them learn the language, improves their listening skills, teaches them rhythm, and can brighten their mood. My husband and I listen to the 80’s quite a bit and it’s so cute to see our daughter move her arms around or bop her head to the music. She also really enjoys kids music like Old McDonald and Itsy Bitsy Spider. Singing those songs are the only way we can get through a diaper change at times!


Music can also be soothing though. It’s important to play sleepy music for babies. It will help them relax when they are full of energy or fussy. I find that it helps me to relax as well. I spend most of the day caring for my daughter’s needs and wants that it’s nice to just relax and listen to soothing music. It’s helpful to play sleepy music while your baby is in her crib but it’s also helpful if you listen to it together a good 15 minutes or so before bedtime. I’ve found that music can also help with bonding. My daughter wasn’t much of a snuggle bug so that time before bed when listening to soothing music or reading a book were usually the best to get my cuddling in. Also, classical music is an important one to play. It is soothing and is known to boost intelligence.

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