Say Good Night to Family

Remember the Walton’s and how they used to say good night to everyone? Well, we don’t have a big family… it’s just Mommy, Daddy, and baby so here’s what I did to help familiarize my daughter with our extended family and help her feel a part of something bigger than just us.

I put a collage of pictures up on the wall with probably about 12 extended family members and close friends in it. It’s hung in the hallway that leads up to the upstairs bedrooms.  Every night before bed we would look at the collage and say good night to everyone we saw.

Example: ‘Good Night Grandma, Good Night Grandpa, Good Night Uncle Kyle’, etc.  When we were all done I’d say ‘See you in the Morning’!

It helped my daughter learn family members names and faces and it became a part of the night time routine where she would wave to their pictures.  It was very cute and comforting to her because  I think by doing this, it reassured her that there were a lot of people in her life that love her.  

It’s no surprise that she also enjoyed the book Goodnight Moon where you say good night to all the objects in the room.

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