EBATES – Cash Back at over 1,800 stores online

EbatesWhat is it?

Ebates is a website that will give you cash back when you shop at their participating stores online.  Instead of going directly to the store you normally do, go to Ebates first and you’ll be rewarded for doing so. 

They have an extensive list of stores so most of your shopping sites will be listed.  This site is becoming very popular, I’ve even seen commercials on TV for it.  Honestly, this is my favorite cash back site out of the 3 that I use.

WHY?  Because Ebates consistently has great cash back percentages!

When you purchase items, your cash back accumulates and then it’s paid every 3 months as long as the balance is more than five bucks.

How to use it

  1. You go to the Ebates website and sign up
  2. Type in the store you’re looking for or use the ‘shop by department’ drop down box to see which stores are available
  3. Scroll through the coupon section to see what deals are going on. You can sometimes get a coupon in addition to the cash back so make note of the coupon code
  4. Click the ‘Shop Now’ button
  5. You will be brought to the normal stores website that you selected.  Simply shop as normal remembering to use the coupon code when you check out if there was an additional discount available

That’s it… you’re done!


More Details

  • It’s free to join and use
  • Remember, you need to visit the Ebates website first, then locate the store you want.
  • Stores will vary in how much cash back you receive and if it’s only on certain items or all.
  • Remember to look for coupons before clicking on the stores ‘shop now’ button. Some may offer coupon codes for discounts or free shipping that can be used along with the cash back offer
  • Takes only 2 days to show the purchase and rebate amount
  • Rebates are paid every 3 months, so you’ll get paid anywhere from 1.5 – 4.5 months after your purchase
  • They automatically pay you if the balance is $5.01 or more, otherwise it’s rolled over to the next month
  • Rebates are given via Paypal, check, or you can donate it to a charity
  • Do not use other web coupons from other sites or it may void your cash back on Ebates.  They display coupons on their website and those can be used in addition to the cash back, but it must come from the Ebates site.
  • Ebates does not store any credit card information and they do not sell information about you.


Example cash back percentages:


The picture above shows just some of the stores available under the Baby, Kids & Toys category.  The Ebates store list is pretty extensive.  They have 13 categories and a total of 1,700 online stores.  They also offers daily hot deals, deals of the week, and promotional double cash back stores.  The percentages are always changing and you’ll get emails once you sign up letting you know about the big deals going on.

As you can see each store offers a different cash back percentage, and they vary greatly.  The most you can earn is 40% cash back from Meredith Magazines (this is at the time I’m writing this article and will change), but even the smaller percentages of cash back add up over time. 


My personal experience with Ebates

I have found Ebates to be quick and simple to use and I love that it puts money back in my pocket every 3 months.  In my opinion it’s worth the couple of extra seconds that it takes to go to their website first to check out the promotions and coupons available and then click through to my normal store.  I sometimes even shop at a different store than I had planned on because it’s offering a better deal for the same item. 

Ebates is a reputable company that I trust and as I mentioned before, it’s my favorite cash back site.  I highly recommend this website to anyone that buys products online.


  Did I mention that you’ll also get a $10 gift card after signing up

   and making at least a $25 purchase?


   Example gift cards are shown in the picture on the left

Click here to start earning your cash back!


If you have any experience with Ebates, please leave a comment below with your thoughts on the program.  Also, let me know if you have any questions.


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