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Paci Plushies Review – the best stuffed animal pacifier holder


I purchased the Paci Plushies dog for my daughter and found it to be a life saver so I have first-hand experience with this product and would like to share my experience with you.



Creative Ways in Which My Daughter Tries to Delay Bedtime


Even though my daughter is a good sleeper, it doesn’t mean that she LOVES the idea of going to bed. This is a fun post about the many creative ways in which my daughter tries to stay up just a few more minutes.



10 Things I LOVE About Being a Mom

10_things_I_love_about_being_a_momAs a child we tend to take our parents, especially Mom, for granted at times. This article shares my appreciation for my Mom and just a few of the many reasons why I love being a Mom.



Co Sleeping Beds

baby_in_bedAre you looking for a safe way to co sleep with your baby? I break down the pros and cons of several options and talk about some safety concerns as well.



Keep Your Baby Warm and Snug – Use a Swaddle

velcro_swaddleI found that when my daughter was warm and snug, she definitely slept longer and more soundly. Because of SIDS I was afraid of putting any type of blanked in her crib though. Swaddles saved the day… and night!