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Sing to Your Baby

microphoneA great way to get a baby to relax and sleep is to sing to them. This is a pretty obvious one but how many of you don’t do it because you think you can’t sing? I’m a terrible singer, I’ll admit it and I was a bit embarrassed to sing to my baby. I mean, even I wasn’t thrilled with hearing my own voice but I found that my baby still liked it! I didn’t quite feel like a rock star but it did boost my ego a little bit. Keep in mind that babies love the sound of their parents voices whether the notes are out of key or not, so don’t be shy, go ahead and try.

Has it been awhile since you heard a lullaby?  Want to brush up on the lyrics? Check out this lullaby lyric site.

Play Music for Your Baby – Especially Classical

You obviously can’t sing to your baby all the time so you’ll want to pull out your CD’s, turn on iHeartRadio or Pandora, or get some good lullabies off the Internet. I did a little of them all. I found that my typical 80’s music was good for making her smile but she needed something softer to get her sleepy. My ‘go to’ music for that was a CD that a friend bought me called ‘Mozart for Mothers-to-Be’. I played these classical songs while I was pregnant and found them soothing to me as well. Playing classical music while your baby is still in the womb and during the first few years of life has been found to have numerous benefits for the child. It helps with language development, creativity, mathematics, and an overall higher IQ. If you’re interested in hearing these songs, check them out below.

sheet_musicIn addition to classical music, you’ll want to invest in some lullabies. Downloading them to a smartphone can be very handy because it’s then portable. Take those songs in the car with you and play them when you need to run errands or take a long drive. Take those songs to a friends or relatives house and play them when your baby gets over stimulated from all the attention and noise. Take the songs to a restaurant (playing them quietly) so that you get a few more minutes to finish your meal. Trust me, a playlist on your phone is invaluable!


Downloadable Music from iTunes

Here’s the classical music I mentioned above that I used and highly recommend. Check it out and see what you think

Below are also some great tracks from iTunes that you can download if interested. I’ve saved you the time of searching through the vast number of songs in the store by including them here in a playlist. I hope these can help sooth your baby.  These are the traditional songs that come to mind when you think of a lullaby.

Play Music for Your Baby – Music That You Love!

Are you tired of all the traditional lullabies that you’ve heard a million times? 

I’ve searched for lullaby type soft music that is performed by known artists and came across this pretty neat company called Jammy Jams. They take regular music that you’re used to listening to and modify them to sound more like a lullaby.  I love this idea and my favorite album of theirs is listed below called ’90s Alternative Goes Lullaby. 

They have albums for Pop, Hip-Hop, Rock and even Metal.  They also have a great one for 80’s babies.  



Play White Noise for Your Baby

After your baby is calm, a good way to get them to sleep for a longer period of time is to play white noise for them. You can get white noise from a baby sound machine, a CD, or off the Internet. A sound machine typically has a few lullabies and a few white noises so that’s something to check out. The sound machine I bought has basic songs like Twinkle Twinkle, Rock A Bye Baby, ocean sounds, a heartbeat, and rain. It also was a projector though which my daughter appreciated more as she got a little older.

heart_beatThe heartbeat is a great one to use for an infant. It will help them feel closer to you which is a safe and comforting thing. You can also get nature sounds like a stream, the ocean, or birds chirping, and even crazier things like a hair dryer or restaurant background noise. Give them a try and see if they work for your little one. You’ll want to use the white noise all night long if possible to keep them asleep. I don’t suggest using it really loudly though. I noticed my sound machine’s volume can go up pretty high and that can’t be good for anyone’s ears especially one that is still developing. A good benefit to white noise is that your baby will no longer be a light sleeper, they will become okay with noise!

4 comments on “Play Music/White Noise

  1. This is some great advice. Another option for white noise is a fan. My nine month old sleeps in my room with me and my husband and we sleep with a fan for the white noise and that works great to drown out other sounds at night and during the day for naps.

    • Kristy

      I forgot to mention the fan… great suggestion, thanks Amanda.

  2. Jen

    Great tips! I have used white noise with both of my babies. I have the machine from brookstone for babies and it’s great! I actually still use it in my 3 year old’s room still too. I also downloaded lots of baby music and white noise apps to my phone so I always had something to settle them while traveling or just out. I guess we love our noise haha.

    • Kristy

      That’s good to know that you’ve had such great success with the machine from Brookstone, thanks for sharing. I use the MyBaby Sound Spa and like it a lot so if other parents are reading this and wondering which brand to get… check these 2 brands out.

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