Say Goodbye to the Pacifier


I have to say that the pacifier has worked wonders for my daughter. It helped calm her when she was fidgety and couldn’t seem to fall asleep. It helped calm her when she was overtired and cranky and lashing out because she didn’t know what else to do. It calmed her when she was tired

Fresh Air Helps Babies Sleep


It may take some (or a lot of) work getting you and your baby/toddler out of the house for some fresh air, but it is really important and you’ll feel much better once you do.  Remember those days before kids when you just put on your shoes and went?  Ah, yes… ‘the simple days’.  Now

Board Books for Spring


Spring is finally here and summer is fast approaching. Now that the weather is nice I love taking my daughter out to explore. We’ll smell flowers, collect sticks, pine cones, and leaves.  We’ll touch different types of bark so that she can see and feel the difference between smooth and rough… it’s such a wonderful