Paci Plushies Review – the best stuffed animal pacifier holder



Product:   Paci Plushies Pacifier Holder by Nookums

Size:   Size varies based on animal, age appropriate Binky can be attached

Overall Rating:   8 out of 10


Pictured to the right is Ella the Elephant with the standard pacifier that comes with the stuffed animal.


I’m sure you’ve heard that it’s best to have your child learn to self soothe.  It truly is one of the best things they can do for themselves and for you when it comes to sleep, but lets face it… most children need some sort of sleep aide to help them and the pacifier is a common one. 

The pacifier is great when it’s in, but what happens when it falls out?  Your little one gets frustrated and they’ll surely let you know (usually at the top of their lungs) because it’s hard for them to find it and replace it themselves.

There goes the benefit of the Binky, right?  I remember my daughter slept so well with her pacifier and then she became old enough to move around and that’s when she’d lose it and cry until she got it back.  If your child can self soothe through that, that’s wonderful.  If they can’t you’re like me and you’re either placing 5 pacifiers in her crib at night or crawling under the crib with a flashlight and a coat hanger trying to get it back.  You’re thinking… there has to be an easier way.  There is!

I purchased the Paci Plushies dog [see if in stock] for my daughter and found it to be a life saver so I have first-hand experience with this product and would like to share my experience with you.  In this Paci Plushies Review I will discuss the details of the product, how to use it, the pros, the cons, and where to get the best deal if you’d like to buy it online. So, by the end of this review I should have answered all your questions and you’ll know if this product is right for you and your little one.



Details on the product

  • Dimensions:   Ella the Elephant is 8.2 x 5.6 x 2.5 inches
  • Material:   Polyester with silicone ring. They are BPA and Phthalate free
  • Appropriate Age:   2 to 20 months – Each baby is different. Some reviews said their infant loved it at 2 months, others said it was too heavy with the weight of the animal and the binky would fall out. At around the 18 – 20 month mark they’ll probably start pulling the pacifier off and separating it from the animal.
  • Options:   they have a lot of animal options including a dog, lamb, unicorn, panda, giraffe, monkey, turtle and more.  The elephant pictured above received one of the best ratings.
  • Pacifier Compatibility?   Most name brand pacifiers including Mam, Philips, Avent, Soothie, NUK, Nuby, Dr. Browns, Munchkin, First Years, RaZbaby, and many more.  Below is a list from their website, but they state that it’s just a partial list of those that are compatible. 























Note: Pacifiers with a flat button or ring handle will not work. 


How to Use It

Pacifiers with a button handle are a perfect fit. You need to remove the Nookums pacifier and stretch the ring over the button.

Pacifiers with a ring handle may be a little looser depending on the pacifier but still works.  You need to remove the Nookums pacifier and stretch the ring over and around the ring handle on the pacifier.

It’s also a Soothie pacifier holder – or so the website states.  I’ve seen some reviews that state that it does not work with the Soothie pacifier.  I plan on purchasing one and trying it out, so stay tuned for my verdict.  Their website says to remove the Nookums pacifier, find a rectangular slot that is sewn into the animal itself and put the Soothie tab handle through that.


10-11-15 Update to this post

I purchased a package of Philips Avent Super Soothie pacifiers and it does not connect to the Paci Plushie.  The only way I see it working is if you remove the silicone holder to reveal 2 holes , then cut a line between the holes to create a rectangular slot.  You would then need a needle and thread to poke through the Soothie pacifier’s tab and through the stuffed animal and sew it together.  Seems like a lot of unnecessary work.  If your child loves the Soothie, you’ll want to click here to get the WabbaNub Elephant.


What problems does this product solve?

  • Your child loses their Binky and is unable to find it and replace it themselves
  • You as a parent have a hard time finding their Binky
  • Your child loves to hold stuffed animals but drops them all the time – this can become his/her “lovey” and can help with the transition when it’s time to give up the Binky

A side benefit is that it helps them improve their motor skills. So, it sounds like a dream come true, right?  If you’re still a little skeptical or aren’t sure if it’s worth the money, keep reading.  Next, I will be discussing my personal experience and including others thoughts and experiences as well.


My assessment of the Paci Plushies Pacifier Holder

My husband and I were tired of getting up several times during the night to replace our daughters pacifier.  The more she moved around the crib, the more her Binky would fall out, and she would cry until it was replaced.  We tried letting her cry it out when she’d lose it but she would get so upset that she would almost be choking from all the crying.  We used the cry it out method to get her to initially go to sleep but that wasn’t nearly as bad as when she lost her pacifier.  The CIO method just wasn’t working for us when it came to missing her pacifier.

I researched online for what other parents were doing.  I saw the suggestion to place several pacifiers in her crib at night and when she woke up upset, she’d be able to find at least one of them and put herself back to sleep with it.  That helped some, but I found that she would lose several during the night and not always find one.  It also meant that we had to find and retrieve them all again each night before bed.

I then found the Nookums Paci Plushies.

Keep Your Baby Sleeping Through the Night. Paci Holder - Baby Independence! #babysleep

My first impression – It was cute and cuddly and not much too it really.  I purchased the dog one and it had the stuffed animal with the silicone ring.  There were no parts that could come off which was good.  The eyes and nose are sewn on.  We gave it to my daughter and she loved it!  We also got many compliments on how cute it was.  She wanted what we called the ‘Binky Dog’ every time she went to sleep.  I was able to remove and replace pacifiers to wash them and I even machine washed the animal.  You know what the best part was though?  My daughter was able to find the animal in the middle of the night because it was big enough.  I would watch her on the baby monitor feeling around for it.  She would put it back in her mouth all by herself and then lay right back down and go to sleep.  It was GREAT!!!

We also used the Binky Dog in the car.  There were so many times that she would drop her pacifier and it would fall down next to her side and she wouldn’t be able to find it.  The stuffed animal is too big to have that happen, so she could easily find it herself and replace it.  I no longer had to stop on the side of the road to locate and replace her pacifier.  What a relief! 


How well is it made?

  • We did have to replace the paci plushies once.  My daughter would tug on it when it was in her mouth and it eventually pulled apart.  I attempted to sew it with a needle and thread but it didn’t last much longer.  Honestly though, I was okay with buying another one because it got the job done.
  • It can go in the washing machine so it’s pretty durable, just detach the pacifier and wash that separately in the sink.  I then let it air dry.


Comparable products

  • A relative purchased the CuddlesMe Plush Toy so that we would have a backup when I had to sew the other one.  That toy had a material loop and snap that went around the silicone ring so it wasn’t as stiff as the Paci Plushies one.  Therefore, it was harder for my daughter to put it back in her mouth because she had to dangle the pacifier above her head and line her mouth up with it. Not an easy task for a little one still learning how to do those things.
  • The WubbaNub is another option but it only works with the Soothie pacifier.  It’s not interchangeable like the Paci Plushies.  If you need to replace the pacifier for any reason, you have to purchase the whole WubbaNub

What others are saying about the Nookums Paci Plushies

The ratings vary slightly depending on which animal you choose.  They have between 3 and 5 stars.  The elephant pictured above has a 4.5 star rating.

  • They work
  • They are cute and super soft
  • Didn’t last as long as they had hoped – what’s funny though is that the reviewers bought  another one, like I did, because the extra sleep and convenience it’s worth buying another one.
  • The company is helpful if you need to ask them questions
  • Love that it works with a variety of pacifiers
  • Too heavy, the weight caused the pacifier to fall out more – they waited a month or two and then it was fine
  • Like the added feature that the pacifier can be swapped out for a teether – see the Bonus paragraph below.


I didn’t know this was an option until now, but you can also buy a Chillies Teether Add-On and use it with the Paci Plushie animal instead of the pacifier.  The teether is filled with purified water and you put it in the fridge like other teethers until cold.  So, their lovey can get them through the hardship of teething too!



I know this was a lengthy review, but I wanted to tell you everything I knew about this product.  I hope I have answered all of your questions at this point.  This product worked for us and I would highly recommend it for other babies who are struggling to find their own pacifier and put it back in their mouths.


Where to buy

If you’re already an Amazon Mom (Prime) member I suggest getting this through Amazon since you’ll get the same price as directly from the company, but you’ll get Amazon’s great, 2 day free shipping. 

The other great thing about Amazon is that it sells over 480 million different products so you can get everything you need in one spot, and as long as it has the prime logo it’s all with free shipping.

CLICK HERE To Get Amazon’s Great Price and Free Shipping

If you’re not yet a prime member you can read my review on that as well. It includes a link for a 30 day free trial.

CLICK HERE to get it direct from the company

Note: I have seen similar ones on E-bay for a cheaper price but it doesn’t say it’s made by Nookums so I personally wouldn’t trust it.

9 comments on “Paci Plushies Review – the best stuffed animal pacifier holder

  1. angelicamaney

    I really like your website. It is very visually appealing. I liked all the images, and it was very easy to navigate. A lot of websites that make use of ads can over do the ads and have them everywhere. I didn’t feel over powered by your ads. Overall, I really liked it. Good work!

    • Kristy

      Thanks for checking out my site and for the compliment. My goal in the design was to be welcoming and to have people focus on my content so that I can help, rather than be distracted by ads. I hope you come back again as I’m always adding new, interesting posts.

  2. Jezza

    Hi! Looks like this pacifier really works all wonders! Based on your review, I would love to have it for my own baby. I couldn’t agree with you that some other pacifiers are built in a normal way. With this kind of pacifier, it will save some good sleep for our baby and save some sleep and room trips and checking too for parents.

    • Kristy

      Hi Jezza – I definitely recommend you try it. It will save you trips back and forth to your child’s room and it will allow them to gain some independence by finding it themselves. Win/Win

  3. Jessica

    I can’t believe that i have four children and i have never heard of these paci-plushies. now only 2 of my children used pacifiers but i did have the problem of it falling out at night and ultimately them crying and me having to get up. I did try ones before that were supposed to glow in the dark, but of course when you are looking for it at 2:00 in the morning you can never see it. if i had known about paci-plushies i definitely would have invested in one or two of them. very good detailed review.

    • Kristy

      Hi Jessica,

      I’m so glad you stumbled onto my Paci-Plushies review. Please share my review on Pinterest and FaceBook to spread the word about this great product. It really is a life saver. I agree that the glow in the dark pacifiers don’t work all that great. This is a much better solution.

  4. Jessie

    What an excellent idea. I don’t know how many nights I’ve spent searching high and low for missing pacifiers, then panicking because my last resort is to turn the light on to find it and once that light goes on its game over. Or even worse having to pull the whole crib out to find it, now that ‘s one sure way to completely wake up a child. This is the best idea I’ve seen yet.

    • Kristy

      Thanks for the great comment Jessie. Yeah, once the light goes on it’s completely game over and they are wide awake! You can try just a flash light, but it’s tough when you’re tired and your eyes are squinting trying to locate it. This simple, yet genius, stuffed animal takes so much aggrevation away. Your child will find their own pacifier while you lay comfortably in your bed. You’re teaching your little one independence and giving yourself the rest you need. It’s totally a win/win!!

  5. Theresa

    Just FYI – it can work with soothie pacifier. The silicone loop that attaches to the pacifier has a ribbon slot to attach it to the plushi. The tab on the Soothie fits perfectly into the ribbon slot. It isn’t as pretty, but it holds 😊

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