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ProductOK to Wake! Alarm Clock & Night-Light by Mirari

Overall Rating: 9 out of 10



In this review, I’ll explain how this alarm clock has helped us, along with sharing as much info on the product as I can.

Does an extra 15 or 30 minutes of sleep sound good to you right now?  How about an extra hour?  Heaven, right?!

Well, this product might be able to help!

I still cringe a little when I think about how my daughter used to yell that she was awake at the top of her lungs while I was fast asleep.  Well, she still yells but the difference is that I’m either already awake or it really is the time I should get up!  Have I mentioned that this is a really great product?

It truly has helped us.  Mid week I need to take my shower and get ready before I can get my daughter up and ready, otherwise it’s complete chaos.  On the weekend, we like having just a little extra sleep and nap time is now timed so she stops asking if nap time is over yet on days that she is stubborn and not sleeping.

This little “bug” as we call it, is an alarm clock and nap timer designed for young children.

Its meant to help your child be more independent (which they love), be more patient (which you will love), and get more sleep (which you’ll both love)!

The clock features:

  • Standard digital clock display
  • Night light
  • Alarm setting with ringer
  • Wake setting with glowing light
  • Nap setting

All settings are optional and can be used independently.  You will probably want to start with the glowing light wake setting when your child is young and then move to the alarm setting when they get older, but it really depends on what works for you and your child.

Details on the product

Dimensions:  5 x 5 x 4.3 inches

Material:  Durable plastic

Appropriate Age:  2+

Power Source:  USB cord with AA battery backup (If you do not have a USB wall outlet you can use any USB plug you have from other devices or order one)

How to Use It

The alarm clock has a few options so you’ll see a bunch of buttons on the back, but it’s pretty simple to use once you understand it.  The summary instructions are included there under the buttons.  I’ll explain it further…

Set the Clock Time – Press and hold the ‘SET’ button for 2 seconds.  You can choose a 12hr or 24hr clock by clicking the hr button, then click ‘SET’ again. Use the ‘Hour/Min’ buttons until it displays the correct time. Hit ‘SET’ a final time.

Set the Alarm (If you want it to beep) – Press and hold the ‘Review Alarm’ button.  Use the ‘Hour/Min’ buttons. Hit ‘Review’ a final time.

Check what time the alarm is set for – If the bell symbol is displayed next to the current time it means that an alarm is set.  Press ‘Review Alarm’ button to see what time it’s set for.

Turn on/off Alarm setting – Press the ‘On/Off’ button.  Bell icon will appear when on and disappear when off.

Set Wake Timer (If you want it to just glow) – Press and hold the ‘WAKE’ button.  Use the ‘Hour/Min’ buttons.  Hit ‘WAKE’ a final time.

Turn on/off Wake setting – Press the ‘WAKE’ button.  Light bulb icon and words OK to Wake! will appear when on and disappear when off.

Set how long alarm should stay lit or beep – Duration can be set for 15 mins, 30 mins, 1 hr, 1.5 hrs, or 2 hrs using the ‘AUTO-Off button’

Set Nap light – Press and hold the ‘NAP’ button.  This is how long you want your child to sleep in minutes and hours.  When the time is up, the light will go on.

Turn on/off Nap setting – Press the ‘NAP’ button.  NAP wording will appear when on and disappear when off.

So, when you first get the clock you should set the clock, alarm, and nap times.  Then you simply tap the on/off buttons when needed, otherwise it’s set and ready to go.  If you want to sleep later on the weekends, you can adjust the alarm Friday night.

When your child wakes up (alarm or light setting), they simply press the bugs left foot with the bell icon.  The alarm or light will then turn off.  Or… they have the option of pressing the right foot with Zzz to snooze. 🙂

Which problems does this product solve?

  • It takes the confusion out of when children should get out of bed.
  • Mom/Dad no longer the bad guy telling them to go back to sleep.  Kids sometimes listen better when it’s not us telling them something, right?  Blame it on the alarm clock, lol.
  • irregular wake-ups, a routine will be put in place and they’ll get used to it

Note that it takes some time to get used to.  When my daughter would wake early I would ask her if the alarm clock is green.  If not, to go back to sleep.  Because the alarm clock is consistent, it should work.

My assessment of the OK to wake alarm clock


As I mentioned before, I dreaded hearing the words “Mommy, I’m awake” over and over again until I went into my daughter’s room and let her out of her bed.  She just wouldn’t stop no matter what I seemed to say.  Once I got this alarm clock, I started saying “is the alarm light green”?  I’d wait for an answer and usually it was “No!”.  I explained she had to go back to sleep.  After a short time she got tired of asking because she knew my answer!

The rule was that she had to stay in bed quietly (even if she was awake) until the light was green.  At that point she could yell out my name and I would come get her.

ok to wake alarm clock glows when it's time to wake up #toddlers #preschoolers


One day, my daughter got into a phase where she would lay in bed for while and then call to me “Mommy, is nap time over yet”?  I’d tell her No and that she had to go to sleep.  Well, repeat that over and over again and needless to say that no nap occurred because she was so focused on when she could get up that her mind was never at peace.

I explained that naps will go faster if you sleep.  It’ll be over before you know it!  That helped some, but not a lot.

I realized at that point I needed to start using the alarm clock for naps as well as overnight and it did help.  What I liked about the nap timer:

  • Can be set for any number of hours/minutes
  • When nap time is over, the light glows so it’s helpful when she’s awake to see, but it won’t wake her up if her body needs a longer nap one day
  • Nap alarm is separate from over night alarm so both can be set and turned on/off easily

I have used all the features of the alarm clock and like them all.  I realized after a week or two that my daughter isn’t ready for the alarm sound yet, but I like that she’ll be able to grow into that.  Right now the alarm sound makes her cranky in the morning, but the glowing light doesn’t, so we’re sticking with that.

One other thing I like about this alarm clock is that it has a battery backup in case we lose power or I need to unplug it to rearrange things, it doesn’t lose its settings.

Comparable products

  •  Awakelion – color changing night-light alarm clock.  It lights up all night acting as a night-light and then beeps when it’s time to wake up so you don’t get the option of having your child wake on their own.
  • Hatch Baby Rest Night Light, Sound Machine, and Time-to-Rise – it has a light option to wake up to along with other nice functions, but it is also a lot more money.  I think this clock is nice if you use it when your baby is really little with a night-light and soothing sounds and then transition into the light waking them up when they are a toddler.

What others are saying about the product

You’ve heard my opinion and how it’s helped my daughter, but would you like to see some reviews from others?  It has a 4 out of 5 star rating on Amazon with 2,954 reviews!

Here are 2 I think are really helpful ones.











On the negative side:

  • Some stated that batteries had to be replaced often.  I plug ours into the wall and never use the batteries except for backup purposes.  As noted, you’ll need a USB plug.
  • Others said it stopped working.  We’ve had our alarm clock for 2 years and it’s still working great.  It seems this is a small percentage of people.
  • One more complaint was that a toddler could start pushing the buttons and change the settings.  I have it up on a bookshelf so that my daughter can reach it to turn it off, but it’s up higher than the rest of her toys.  You can always put it up out of reach though and turn it off for them if you find that to be a problem.


I like that they ship 2 face plates with the product, so you and your child have the option of the green bug or the purple and can switch them out.  It’s not a huge bonus, but kids like options!


This alarm clock has really helped our family and I hope that I’ve answered all your questions so that you can decide if it’ll benefit yours as well.  It’s great for keeping wake-up routines consistent, teaches children patience and starts introducing the concept of time.


Where to buy

Ok to Wake! Alarm Clock is a #1 Best Seller on Amazon!



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