Miracle Blanket Swaddle Review – Does it Really Work Miracles?


Product: The Miracle Blanket

Overall Rating: 9 out of 10

Price: About $30

Size: One size fits all up to fourteen weeks

Return Policy: Free shipping return within 30 days when clicking the affiliate link in this review and purchasing from Amazon


Looking for something to get your little angel to sleep better?


I’ve talked to many parents and I’ve asked them which swaddle they liked best.  I heard a variety of answers and varying likes/dislikes for them.  But… parents that have used the Miracle Blanket seem to think they are the best… they overwhelmingly said they loved it and recommend it to others all the time!


So, what are the Pros to the Miracle Blanket?

  • It secures the babies arms nicely in place
  • It tightens around the abdomen area which has proven to help reduce fussiness
  • It wraps around the baby several times making sure they are snug and warm which are both comforting. It holds better than the other brand of swaddles that use velcro
  • It helps babies sleep for longer periods of time


What are the Cons to the Miracle Blanket?

  • It can sometimes be tough to get your baby in it because of all the tucking and lifting that needs to be done
  • It only comes in one size so if your baby needs swaddling for longer than 4 months, they will outgrow the Miracle Blanket
  • If you live in a warm climate, this blanket (although lightweight) can be too warm since it’s wrapped around multiple times



How to Use It

One of the downsides I mentioned is all the tucking that is involved.  I thought it would only be fair to show a video of how to swaddle with it so that you can make your own determination of whether it’s too much work or not.



On the plus side, all that tucking means that it’s harder for your little one to wiggle free!  That’s one of the biggest complaints with using a swaddle and one of the reasons parents have had so much success with this brand.



Cleaning is easy.  It is machine washable, recommends cold water, and can be put in the dryer on the gentle cycle.


Sizes and Colors

This product is a ‘one size fits all’ but states it’s just for newborns, up to 14 weeks.  It comes in all kinds of colors (pink, blue, green, gray, beige, white) and patterns (giraffes/lions, owls, elephants, stars, bubbles, polka dots, chevrons, flowers, and pink camo)



If you’re pregnant or a new parent and you’re looking to get a great swaddle for your infant, this one is highly recommended by many parents who have used it.  They truly do think that it works miracles and love it.  If you’re not getting good results with it, please watch the video above as it’s possible you’re swaddling incorrectly.

The Miracle Blanket website states:

The Miracle Blanket is now used around the world by countless thousands of parents, hospitals, pediatricians, mid-wives, nannies, Doulas, NICU nurses, Maternity Ward Nurses, day care facilities, etc. It boasts a 95% plus effectiveness in helping fussy babies sleep.

In addition, they state that it’s the #1 swaddle that pediatricians from around the world recommend, which is pretty impressive.

Purchase your Miracle Blanket swaddle here!


Click to read more about this product and other swaddles.


What has been you’re experience with swaddles and have you tried the Miracle Blanket product?  Please share your experiences below.

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