Great Bedtime Books – Ages 0-2

Do you have a little one at home and looking for great bedtime books for them? Or searching for great books to give as a gift at a baby shower? Here are my top 3 bedtime book picks! The title for this post is Ages 0-2. I put the books in order to when I think they’ll get the most enjoyment out of them. ‘Llama Llama’ being best for the younger side of the spectrum and ‘You are my I love you’ at the older end.


llama_llama_BookLlama Llama nighty-night was my daughter’s favorite bedtime book.  We read this together every night from when she was only a few months old until about 20 months old.  It talks about the bedtime routine of brushing your teeth, taking a bath, reading a book, and snuggling in.  It also includes potty time which she’ll be getting ready for here soon!  It’s the perfect book to get her in the mind set that it’s time to go to sleep.  She also enjoys the zippity-zoom and hoppity-hop book as well by the same author.  Zippity-zoom was actually a favorite before we found out about nighty-night and that may be part of the reason why she likes it so much. I’d recommend getting both books if possible. She liked the sounds of ‘zip’, ‘zoom’, and ‘vroom’ in the book.  It would put a smile on her face when I read it.  They are a quick read but her attention span wasn’t very long so it worked.


Good_Night_Moon_BookAnother favorite is called Goodnight Moon.  It kind of goes along with my post on saying goodnight to family.  It explains all the objects in a room and then says goodnight to them all.  It is longer than the Llama books but seems to keep her attention.  She especially loves the red balloon and the old lady whispering ‘hush’.  After I read through the entire book she usually wants me to start over again, lol.  It’s really cute how much she enjoys it.  This book is also a classic, per Wikipedia: It was one of the “Top 100 Picture Books” of all time in a 2012 poll by School Library Journal.  It’s a must have on every child’s bookshelf.

You_Are_My_I_Love_You_BookOne of my favorite night time books, that my daughter also enjoys is called You Are My I Love You.  It is about an adult bear that is the parent and their baby bear that go through the day together spending time and having fun.  It’s about their relationship and the connection that they share.  The references are very touching and can seriously bring a tear to your eye.  Lines like “I am your water wings; you are my deep. I am your open arms; you are my running leap” and “I am your way home; you are my new path”.  It is such a sweet, heartwarming book.  It has cute pictures that my daughter enjoys pointing at as well. 




Other books that my daughter enjoys that aren’t about bed time but are a good, fun read:

The Very Hungry Caterpillar – The caterpillar eats through all kinds of fruit before turning into a beautiful butterfly.  It teaches babies the names of fruits as well as counting.  My daycare said it was their most used book!

Are You a Cow – This cute book asks if you’re a cow, a dog, a duck, etc. which the answer to them are ‘no’.  It then gets a little sillier with asking if ‘you are a bear who does not frown’ or my daughter’s favorite – ‘a chicken who’s upside down’ which of course are still answered with a ‘no’.  The book then says ‘you must be you, now isn’t that great’.  So it teaches animals as well as the importance of just being you!

What’s Wrong, Little Pookie?  – This is the same author as Are You a Cow, Sandra Boynton.  In this book the little pig Pookie is upset and crying.  The Mommy pig is trying to find out why and asks all kinds of yes/no questions to figure it out.  In the end the pig forgets what was wrong.  It’s cute and my laughter loves it.  You should be able to find Boynton’s books at Marshalls for a pretty cheap price.

Belly Button Book – Another one from Sandra Boynton!  This one became a favorite when my daughter was about a year old and was learning body parts.  She loved finding her own belly button as well ass Mommy and Daddy’s and in this book the Hippos like belly buttons too.

Lady with the Alligator Purse – This is a cute book where a baby drinks up all the water in the bath and eats the soap so the Mom calls the doctor and nurse and the lady with the alligator purse.  They each diagnose the issue and offer a suggestion to treat it and the lady with the alligator purse suggests pizza!  It also includes a dog in the background on a couple of pages that my daughter now enjoys finding.

Please comment below if your baby enjoys any of these books or others that you’d like to share!


4 comments on “Great Bedtime Books – Ages 0-2

  1. Ed

    You have a lot of good tips. More people should read them, or get stuck sleeping with their babies till they’re 5 or 6. Personal experience. Nice format too! Keep up the good work.

    • Kristy

      A good sleep routine early on will hopefully avoid what you’re describing. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my post.

  2. We have Goodnight Moon and my boy likes it. I’ll have to try out the Night, Night Llama.

  3. Kristy

    Thanks for the reply Sarah. Llama Llama is a short and simple read… you will memorize it word for word in no time. I start saying the lines and my daughter gets excited, runs and gets the book to read. If your son is more towards the 2 year old mark, he may find it too simple. If he’s 1.5 years or younger I think he’ll like it.

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