Give Your Baby a Lovie

If you have an infant, he/she probably doesn’t have a favorite stuffed animal.  They may have just one or two or they may have more than they’ll ever know what to do with. Go ahead and pick just one or two and make sure they are close every time your baby goes to sleep. Those stuffed animals will become familiar and be of comfort to your little one when you are not there. You’ll see that they’ll start looking for them and wanting them after a while.  It’s very cute.


How to Pick a Lovie

  • Make sure the stuffed animal is baby safe – everything should be sewn so that a piece cannot come off. No beads for eyes for example as that can be a choking hazard
  • Make sure it’s completely soft – you don’t want your little one whacking themselves in the head with any part of the stuffed animal that may be hard
  • Something that lights up or plays music is a plus – this may be more soothing to a baby especially when they are too young to hold and hug the stuffed animal


What We Used Originally

Right after my daughter was born, a friend gave us the ‘Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Soothe and Glow Seahorse’ (click on the picture below to get more info).   She was simply fascinated with the glowing tummy.  When you squeeze the tummy, that activates the light and then it plays lullaby music for 5 minutes before shutting off.  It was her favorite!



What We Switched To

The only downside to the seahorse is that it’s hard for a baby to squeeze the tummy.  My Mother-in-law purchased the VTech Soothing Slumbers Bedtime Bear (which I don’t think you can buy anymore).  It is much more sensitive to the touch and actually goes off several times during the night as my daughter rolls.  Sometimes it wakes me up, but I think it helps her to settle down because she doesn’t cry when it goes off.  She goes right back to sleep.
When the bear’s stomach lights up it plays music and sings so this wound up replacing the seahorse. I even brought this one in the car with her on long trips to comfort her in the car seat. It’s one of those where I memorized all the songs word for word because of how many times I’ve heard it. The tunes randomly pop in my head out of nowhere at times, but it was worth it because my daughter loves it.

As she got older she learned that not only could she push the tummy to activate the bears singing, she could also push and hold it to make it stop.  So, she was able to soothe herself back to sleep and it kept her entertained if she woke up earlier than she should have in the morning.

The dog is just a soft, cuddly stuffed animal that doesn’t do anything but my daughter picked it out herself in Hallmark. I held several stuffed animals in front of her and she smiled at this one. 🙂


I’ve realized that not all toys have to do something for them to be loved!

When you walk down the baby aisle at the store it’s amazing how many of them



play animal or other sounds,

light up,


Some stimulation is good, but at times it’s just overload!

When my daughter was a baby, this dog would just sit next to her while she slept, but it became a best friend to her. I now enjoy watching my little toddler hug and cuddle with this dog. She’ll hold him by the ears and swing him back and forth, prop him up in a sitting position in the crib, or move his tail back and forth. It’s a quiet activity that allows her imagination to kick in and helps her doze off to sleep.



So, those are the lovies that my daughter uses… you can see what an impact it can have on a baby and a growing child.  I highly suggest a lovie to help comfort your little one.


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