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Discover_Card_logoWhat is it?

Discover is a credit card that will give you 1% cash back on everything you purchase online or in person.  They offer regular promotions that give you 5% cash back on a select categories also either online or in person.

In addition they offer an a percentage cash back if you shop at their participating stores online (going to their website first and then clicking through to the main stores website) similar to Mr. Rebates and Ebates.  Those stores will vary in how much cash back you receive.  Cash back accumulates and is shown on your billing statement each month.


How have I benefited?

I’ve received over $900 from them in the last 2 years.  Because I use my credit card for almost everything I buy these days and because of the promotional cash back that they offer, this programs cash back adds up the quickest for me and it’s the easiest.  I truly feel that Discover card is the best cash back credit card.

I’ve also received excellent customer service!

Some horrible experiences I’ve had with other credit card providers

  • A different credit card company once froze my account for non payment of a $100 balance.  I never received the bill and therefore didn’t pay it.  It was only 5 days after the payment due date and my account was frozen.  I found out only when I went to pay for something and it was declined.  I received no email from them alerting me to the issue and they had no empathy when I called.  I was still charged the late fee even though I never received the bill.  All that hassle for only $100!
  • Another credit card company said they had to freeze my husbands account for 5-7 business days because I wanted to be added to the account.  He could not use his card until my card was received and apparently that takes 5-7 business days, which really turned into 2 weeks.  This was a hassle because we had automatic payments tied to the card that had to be changed.
  • The same company as the first example was a credit card from a banking institution.  Whenever I called for customer service I would be re-routed between the bank and VISA because they each claimed that my issue had to be resolved by the other. 

Ok… rant is over!  🙂

Any time I have contacted Discover they have been nice, showed empathy, and went out of their way to help me.  On top of that, I get helped quickly!  They have delivered new cards to me in 2 days, have taken things off my account due to fraudulent activity that I did not do, have emailed me when they thought there might be suspicious activity, etc. 

I really love my Discover card!  The only down side to this card is that there are some places that do not take Discover so I have to have a backup card just in case.  This is my primary card though. I’ve had it for years and love it.



  • You have to sign up for their credit card. Your interest rate will vary depending on your credit history, but once you have been a customer for a year or so, you can call to see if they can lower your interest rate for being a loyal customer. I actually do that with all my credit cards every few years.
  • Get 1% cash back on every purchase used with the discover card.  Not all merchants take Discover, but I’ve found that most do.
  • They offer 5% cash back bonus offers. Every quarter they offer another 5% cash back on any purchase in a selected group, up to $1,500 in purchases. For example it could be gas stations & ground transportation or restaurants and movies. You have to go to their website and activate the savings for that quarter in order to get it, but trust me… this can really add up!


  • You can redeem your cash back at any time (earnings are posted on each monthly statement, some bonus offers take 2 billing periods to appear)
  • Discover Deals – similar to Ebates and Mr.Rebates, Discover offers an extra cash back percent at certain stores. You need to visit the Discovercard website first, then click through to the online store of your choice.  They have less stores listed than the others, but it is an option worth checking out.
  • No annual fee for the credit card
  • Cash back is given via cash (statement credit or deposited in your bank), shopping (use it during checkout at Amazon, iTunes, or Overstock), gift card, or donation to charity
  • If you get referred by a friend (me), you and I both get a $50 cash back bonus if you purchase something in the first 3 months. You must email me your email address in order for this to happen.


Example cash back percentages:


The picture above shows just some of the stores available.  They do not have a separate Baby/Kids category but as you can see, they offer big chain stores that carry everything.  They have 22 categories and a total of 300 in-store and online stores advertised.

As you can see each store offers a different cash back percentage, and they vary greatly. The most you can earn is 25% cash back from Jackson Hewitt (this is at the time I’m writing this article and will change), but even the smaller percentages of cash back add up over time. 

I typically use Ebates or Mr Rebates for the cash back and then pay for the purchase with the Discover card so that it gives an additional cash back. On occasion I have used Discover’s shopping deals though as they offer some unique stores.  It’s all about what will benefit you most without spending too much additional time looking up the deals.


Are you ready?

Are you ready to start earning regular cash back with what I think is the best cash back credit card? As I mentioned before… if you get referred by a friend (me), you and I both get a $50 cash back bonus if you purchase something in the first 3 months.

Just send ME your details below

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Please leave feedback with your Discover card experience and check out other ways I recommend to save money.


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