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Are you looking for a safe way to co sleep with your baby? Co sleeping with an infant sounds like a good idea. Bringing a newborn home can be a beautifully exciting yet scary situation. You are now in charge of a little one. It is your job to meet their basic needs and to keep them safe.

This huge task may make you lose sleep even though your little one is sleeping well. For this reason I really recommend room sharing for all newborns, but not necessarily co-sleeping.  Make sure you have them in their own bed, just pulled up right next to (or attached to) your bed.

The idea is to keep your baby in the same room so they are close enough to keep an eye on and make sure they are okay, but you really shouldn’t have them IN bed with you.

The closeness will add reassurance and you will sleep better.



Co sleeping vs. Bed Sharing and Risks

I’m using the word co sleeping loosely to mean having your baby sleep in the same room as you, even right next to you, but in their own defined space.

Bed sharing is frowned upon as it poses many risks. Most importantly, it increases the risk of suffocation.  You could roll over on top of your baby or they could get tangled in the sheets or comforter. They could also get squished against a wall or fall off the bed. Who wants to chance that? Remember, it’s our job to meet their basic needs and to keep them safe! You want to be close but not on top of them.

For those reasons, family bed sharing is really not recommended.

I read an interesting article published in the Indiana Public Media that said a hospital in Indiana will be giving out boxes with helpful items for new Moms. The items themselves are nice, but the real gift is the box itself. It is meant to be used as a bed for the baby if needed. It gives them a safe place to sleep.

The box idea originally came from Finland who has one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world and they think it’s partly due to this box that is given out. So, even if don’t have the money to invest in a new bassinet for your baby, it’s no excuse to endanger them by having them sleep in your bed.

According to WebMD, 13.5% of infants share a bed with their caregiver rather than being in their own bed.  Granted, that’s not a huge percentage, but it’s more than double what the percentage was back in 1993!


Bed Sharing Option

If you feel you absolutely must sleep in the same bed as your baby, consider the Snuggle Nest Surround.  It still allows for a separate space for your baby to sleep rather than having them attached to you.  It’s pretty much a co sleeping pillow surrounded by some flexible sides.

Baby Delight Snuggle Nest Surround


  • snuggle_nest
    Snuggle Nest

    Creates a slightly separate sleeping space for your baby

  • Has a waterproof foam mattress
  • Plays lullabies and sounds
  • Has a night light to easily keep an eye on your baby
  • Folds up to make it more portable


  • Baby can potentially wiggle out of it
  • Have to be careful not to move too much – no pulling blankets up and over or flinging arms when rolling
  • Takes up a lot of room, may not be ideal unless you have a king size bed
  • Can be used for the first 4 months, but if you have a big baby you may get less time than that

Safe sleeping beds that are recommended are listed below:

The pros and cons listed are based on my experience and my research of what other Mom’s are saying.

Traditional Bassinet



  • Keeps your baby close to you and safe
  • Some may have rocking ability or music for when the baby is fussy
  • They are adorable
  • Has a storage area for diapers, wipes, etc.


  • Most have a 15 lb maximum
  • They do not attach directly to your bed, so you’ll probably have to get out of bed to scoop your little one up.
  • They are bulky to store

Sleeper – Rock N Play

Rock N Play
Rock N Play


  • Keeps your baby close to your bed and safe
  • Can be used until around 5 months old
  • You can reach your baby without having to get out of bed for calming and breastfeeding
  • Elevated slightly to help those babies who spit up when lying flat
  • Rocks/vibrates for when your baby gets fussy
  • It costs less than traditional bassinets and co sleepers
  • They also fold up and are easy to carry so they can be used instead of a bouncer for other areas of the house


  • No storage underneath it
  • Can’t change a diaper easily in it
  • It does not attach directly to the bed, but because it sits lower you can still see your baby at all times and can be placed close enough so that you don’t have to get out of bed

Co Sleeper that attaches to the bed

Co Sleeper
Co Sleeper


  • Keeps your baby close to you and safe
  • Can be used until around 5 months old
  • Can attach to your bed so that you don’t have to get out of bed to calm or breastfeed your baby
  • Model shown also can be converted to a bassinet and moved around since it’s on wheels. It also has mesh sides so that it’s still easy to see your baby at all times
  • Model shown also has a storage basket to keep diapers, wipes, etc.


  • They can be expensive
  • They are bulky to store unless taken apart
  • It attaches to the bed so you have to scoot down before climbing out of bed

I really wish I had known that this product existed when my daughter was born. It’s not the prettiest of beds, but it’s so versatile! 

If you’re interested in learning more about this option, please read my Arms Reach Bassinet Co Sleeper Review.

All of these options above are good alternatives to just having your baby sleep in your bed along with you.  It is an additional cost, but you know your child’s safety is worth it.  Please, save that much needed ‘skin to skin’ contact for when you’re awake. 

So… after going through all the pros and cons with me… which sleep option do you prefer and why?

11 comments on “Co Sleeping Beds

  1. Great post I remember bringing my little one home for the first time and all we could afford at the time was a cheap model from the big W. Would have been much better to have the one with storage underneath so we didn’t have to have a separate cabinet in the room just for baby supplies. I have to agree with you sleeping with a newborn in your bed is just a bad idea, you wake up and the covers are everywhere so you can just imagine having a small infant in the same bed while you toss and turn.
    Thanks for the great article and suggestions.

    • Kristy

      There is so much to buy when you’re just starting out with a newborn, it’s tough. I’m glad that although you were on a tight budget, that you decided to get your baby their own place to sleep rather than bringing your little one into your own bed. Storage would have been nice, but it’s all about priorities and I think you made the right choice! Thanks for reading my article and for the great feedback.

  2. awesome site, love your layout!! I don’t have children personally, but my sister does, and she has these same fears. I’ll tell her to check this site out!!! 🙂



    • Kristy

      Thanks for taking the time to read my article Brooke and for passing on my information. I appreciate it.

  3. Great and solid information. Being an old codger I really wasn’t aware there were infant beds that attached to the adult bed. I am thankful for the information (I do have grandchildren). The fact there are several choices and price ranges makes it easier for new parents to make an informed decision.

    • Kristy

      Hi Gary,
      The co sleeper attachment is a great idea, right? It’s amazing how quickly things change in the baby industry as new studies come out and new products are introduced to help with the issues found. I’m gad you found my information helpful.

  4. Hi Kristy,

    I am not yet a mother, but as someone who prioritize good sleep and safety, I think I would go for the co-sleeper if I have a child. I like the fact that it attaches to the bed and converts to a mobile bassinet. I have seen one of my cousin using it and it’s pretty easy to assemble and carry around. It also gives enough room for the baby to move around.


    • Kristy

      Hi Cathy,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. The co sleeper really is a great choice. It’s nice that you’ve seen it first hand at your cousins house. For those mothers that aren’t as familiar with it, Amazon has a good video showing the setup. You just have to click on the picture of the co-sleeper above.

  5. It’s funny, I had all three of these type of sleepers between all three of my kids. Each baby had his or her favorite. Great site Kristy!

  6. Kristy

    Interesting… it would have been nice cost wise if you were able to use the same sleeper for all 3 kids. Some kids need the incline though, or the rocking motion in order to sleep well. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience Kristina.

  7. Thank you so much for the post you do. I like your post and all you share with us is up to date and quite informative,keep it up.

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