Board Books for Spring


Spring is finally here and summer is fast approaching. Now that the weather is nice I love taking my daughter out to explore. We’ll smell flowers, collect sticks, pine cones, and leaves.  We’ll touch different types of bark so that she can see and feel the difference between smooth and rough… it’s such a wonderful experience to share these moments and teach her these things.

Another great way to experience nature is through board books for spring. If you’ve been reading your child the same books over and over for the past several months, you should check out some of these suggestions. I think you’ll find it refreshing to read something new during the bedtime routine, especially when it reminds you of the wonderful things that come with the warm weather.


Welcome Spring

This is a bright, colorful, touch and feel book. It has 10 pages of springtime fun that your child can experience like… smelling flowers, hearing birds and seeing/feeling rain drops that land on your nose. It’s fun to be interactive when reading – make sniffing sounds at the flowers, say ‘tweet, tweet, tweet’ at the birds, etc. It’s amazing how much information young children pick up from books and when it’s made fun, they will remember more easily.  For ages 0-2.


Springtime Baby

This book is interactive with large lift-the-flap pages. It features a cute baby girl that puts on her boots and goes outside to explore with her puppy dog. The pages are filled with great illustrations so you’ll also be able to point out images of other springtime favorites such as an umbrella, watering can, flowers, mud, and a rainbow. The words, although short and sweet, have a nice rhyme to them.  It’s 14 pages and for ages 3 mo – 3 yrs.

Little Blue Truck

This book is not necessarily for spring, but it does involve mud so I think it counts.  My daughter loves this book!  Seriously, she sometimes has it read to her more than once per day and doesn’t grow tired of it.  It’s a long book too – 30 pages.  It states that it’s for ages 3 and up but I’d say 18 months and up should enjoy it.  The story is about a little blue truck that goes down the road and says hello, by beeping, at all the animals.  They in turn say hello back, by making their animal sound.  Then a big yellow dump truck comes along.  He feels he’s too important and busy to say hello to anyone on his way through.  He then gets stuck in the mud, cries for help, but no one comes or cares.  But then… the little blue truck does come and tries to push him out, but he gets stuck too.  When the little blue truck cries for help (saying beep, beep, beep… I’m stuck, I’m stuck) all his animal friends come and help.  In the end the dump truck thanks the little blue truck and the animals and realizes that it helps to be kind and make friends.  It’s really a great story line and with the animal sounds and rhyming of words, it’s a captivating read.

Five Little Ducks

The link is for the board book, but you can also purchase this in the paperback that includes the CD.  If you’re not familiar with the song, you may want to do the CD option.  This is a cute read, and even cuter when you sing it and add hand motions.  For example, sing “Five little ducks went out one day, over the hills (make your hand go in a rolling hill motion) and far away” (put your index finger and hand against your forehead like your looking out at something far, almost like a salute).   “Mother duck called quack, quack, quack (move your hand as if it were the ducks bills quacking… like you would for the chicken dance song), four little ducks came wandering back (hold up 4 fingers).  I’m sure your child will love you singing to them and watching your hand gestures… and as they get older, will have fun doing it with you.  I think this would be fun for ages 0-3.

Stay tuned as I’ll be writing suggestions for summer, fall, and winter books as well as those seasons approach.  I also have an article suggesting good bedtime themed books.  I hope you enjoyed my suggestions for spring board books.  Please leave a comment if you have a spring time book that you enjoy reading and can recommend.


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