Best Baby Movement Monitors – 2015

best_sellerWhat is a baby movement monitor?

Before we talk about which are the best baby movement monitors on the market today, let’s discuss what it is and what it does.

The monitor helps babies who have sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a disorder where routine breathing is interrupted during sleep and is typically due to an underdeveloped nervous system, but there could be other causes. 

A breathing or movement monitor attaches to your baby’s diaper or is placed under their mattress and is used when they are ready to go to sleep. It will monitor and make sure that your baby has constant normal breathing and movement. It will then alert you if no movement is detected so you know to quickly check on your baby. If your baby is not breathing you should gently but firmly try to awaken them. If you get no response, you should perform infant CPR and call 911.

This device is also referred to as a baby breathing monitor or an infant movement monitor and some also have audio and video for an all-in-one type of monitor.

Should I buy a baby movement monitor?

I know the paragraph above sounded scary and I don’t mean to scare you, I just wanted to explain what the monitor is for.  Only you, as a parent, can determine if a baby movement monitor is really needed.   Sleep apnea is more common in premature babies and the more premature, the higher the percentage is.

If you have a baby that was born on time or even past the due date and is otherwise healthy, this device is probably not needed.

If you have a baby that is premature though, or if you are very worried about this, then it might be worth investing in. It will give you peace of mind knowing that your baby is breathing okay and it will help you to sleep better at night.

Whether you have the monitor or not, it is best to keep your baby close to you during the first few months so that you can check on them routinely.

Also, your doctor will let you know if they detect any breathing issues after the baby is born and if you are nervous you should discuss this issue with them.

Do baby movement monitors work?

I have read forum postings and reviews by many parents who gave stories about how it truly helped them and how happy they were to have the device.  They have said that they feel the monitors saved their baby’s life.  Would those babies have moved and breathed again on their own without the parent interfering?  Who knows.  Babies do have irregular breathing patterns when they are infants.

Note that it can also give false alarms, so it may give you a few heart attacks along the way.

If you do decide to get a movement monitor, you’ll want to purchase the most accurate one on the market for your sake and your baby’s.

So… which are the best baby movement monitors on the market?

Based on my research there are 2.  They are mentioned below along with bullet items describing each.

Snuza Hero basic baby movement monitor – it replaced the Snuza Halo

  • attaches to the diaper so it has contact with the babies belly
  • when no movement is detected in 15 seconds it vibrates in an attempt to make the baby move
  • if no movement happens after another 5 seconds, it sounds an alarm
  • small and easy to travel with
  • does not send or receive radio frequency signals
  • can be used up to age 1, but it may come off if the baby is actively rolling around. suggestion is to put a snug fit onesie over top
  • the one pictured to the right comes with a pacifier medicine dispenser


Angelcare AC1100 baby video sound and movement monitor


  • an all in one monitor offering movement, video, and sound capabilities
  • sensor pad goes under the baby’s mattress, the sensitivity level is adjustable, and sensor can be disconnected at any time
  • when no movement is detected for 20 seconds, it sounds an alarm
  • video shows baby in color, has an adjustable angle and zoom feature, and has infrared camera to see your baby at night
  • audio is two-way to allow talking/singing for comfort from another room
  • has temperature display and control on the handheld unit
  • has night light
  • has LCD touch screen to adjust settings
  • has a 650 foot range with ‘out of range’ indicator



The two best baby monitors on the market are the Snuza and the Angelcare. They both offer the extra comfort of knowing your little one is sleeping well, without breathing difficulties. The Snuza is more portable because it can be clipped onto the diaper anywhere – in the stroller, pack n play, car seat, as well as home. The Angelcare system, while still portable, needs to be placed under a mattress so it’s not as ideal for traveling but offers the great convenience of being a video and audio monitor as well so it really depends on what you’re priorities are.

If you’re looking to buy a baby movement monitor, these 2 options are the way to go!

Snuza Hero

Angelcare AC1100

If you’re not yet comfortable with having your baby go in their own crib, you might want to go with the Snuza option along with a co-sleeping option to have your baby sleep in your room.

Check out my other posts on how to get your baby on a routine and sleeping better at night.


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