Baby Wets Through Diapers

Are you having the problem where your baby wets through diapers at night?  Uh oh!!


If only they were this cute when you went to comfort them though.  Instead they are probably upset and  crying.  This started happening to us when my daughter was a few months old.  As she grew, she drank more milk and whoa did that fill up those diapers.  Wetting through diapers isn’t fun for the baby and it isn’t fun for the parent either, especially if it’s in the middle of the night.

When it happens you have to strip your baby’s clothes off, strip the diaper off, put a new one on, put new pj’s on, and then you have to change the bed sheets before you can lay them back down again. Chances are your little one is now wide awake and even more upset!


Use Two Sheets and a Waterproof Crib Pad

One trick you can use to help with this type of fiasco at night is to layer the crib.  I wish I would have known about this one from the start, but now that I know I’ll share it with you.

You should put 2 sheets on the crib with a waterproof crib pad in between them.  This way if an accident does happen at night, you can strip off the top sheet and crib pad and still have a clean, dry sheet already on the bed and ready to go!


Are you using night time diapers?

If you’re not already using night time diapers, this is an absolute must!  This truly was and still is a necessity for us.  I cannot believe the amount of liquid those diapers can hold!

We’ve actually had to switch between Huggies and Pampers at different stages of her growth.  I’ve found that the diapers fit differently even though they are the same size, just a different brand. So, if you are having issues with nighttime diapers not working… try another brand or two before you give up.

Night time diapers will really help your baby to sleep through the night without waking up wet and unhappy. It is possible for your baby to still leak through on occasion, but it should not be the norm.

Whether you’re currently using them or not… you have to check out Amazon Mom.

Read my article on why Amazon Mom is worth the fees.

In summary, you will get cheaper diapers and other necessities than elsewhere else and it will be delivered to your door for FREE! The best part is you can try Amazon Mom for 30 days for free.


Cut Back on Liquids -For Toddlers

Another suggestion is to think about how late you’re give your toddler a drink.  If you have a younger baby it’s hard to cut back on feedings because you don’t want them waking up because they are hungry… puts you right back to square one.  If you have a toddler with this issue though, try limiting their fluid intake to one hour before bedtime.

Other Suggestions

Other suggestions that I have heard mother’s try:

  • Add a maxi pad to the inside of the diaper
  • If using daytime diapers, put the diaper on backwards
  • Use waterproof pants over top of the diaper
  • Use a diaper that is one size bigger than you currently use.  The thinking here is that bigger babies need more absorbent diapers

Do you have any additional suggestions?  If so, please share by leaving a comment below.


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