Arms Reach Bassinet Co Sleeper Review – Why the Mini Clear Vue Model is the Best

Product: Arm’s Reach Concepts Co-Sleeper Mini Clear-Vue Bassinet

Dimensions: 3 4″ x 20″ x 31″.  It’s for beds 24″ – 30″ high (from ground to top of adult mattress). It can also be attached to any size width bed from twin to California King.

Material: Nylon cloth with 4 mesh sides

What’s Included: A waterproof mattress, one sheet, and straps to secure it to the bed if you’d like

Appropriate Age: Up to about 5 months. Less if they are able to sit up or pull themselves up

Other models: Two I’d like to mention are the Arm’s Reach Mini Arc which is similar but you need to purchase leg adjustments if you need to raise it up. The benefit of the Mini Arc is that it’s more portable (comes with a travel bag). There’s also the Euro Mini Arc, which is a shorter version of the Mini Arc to accommodate European beds and US platform beds that are lower to the ground (18 inches).

Options: It comes in a beige color (natural) and brown (cocoa/fern) which is the one pictured here.


Mother_and_NewbornInvesting in the best co sleeper bassinet (the one that best meets your needs) will help put your mind at ease and allow your body to get more rest. A co sleeper bassinet gives you the comfort of knowing your baby is close to you, allows you to easily keep your eye on them, and yet keep them safe in their own bed.

This Arms Reach co sleeper can attach directly to the side of your bed if you’d like or it can be used as a standalone bassinet. When using it as a bassinet it has mesh sides all around so either way you use it, it allows you to easily see your baby without having to even sit up. This is helpful to all parents, but especially to those of you mother’s who will have c-sections.

In this Arm’s Reach bassinet co sleeper review, I will give you all the details regarding the product, what’s included in the box, how to use it, the pros and the cons, along with where you can find the best deal if you’d like to buy it. I hope you find my review to be thorough and most importantly helpful so that you know if this is the right sleeping option for your newly expanding family.

How to use it

The assembly process isn’t bad, all you need is a screwdriver to set it up.
If you’d like to attach it to your bed, one side of the bassinet folds down. Then, there are straps that go between the mattress and box spring and a plate that rests against the other side of both mattresses to keep the bassinet snug against your bed.

There are also adjustments on the legs of the bassinet to raise or lower the height to match your mattress height for your ideal comfort.

You can then lay down in your own bed, with your baby’s bassinet right next to you. You can watch all of those wonderful faces they make as they fall asleep and you will both be comforted by the closeness. When it’s time for feedings, you simply scoop up your little one without having to even get out of bed.

If you’d rather use this as a standalone bassinet you have the option of wheeling it around the house as needed and keeping it close to your bed at night. The wheels then lock into place if you’re worried about it possibly moving.

Here’s the Arms Reach co sleeper instructions video showing the complete install.

What problems does this product solve?

This little co sleeper solves a bunch!

  • You can keep a constant eye on your little one as they sleep, with no obstructed view whether you use it as a co sleeper against your bed or as a bassinet.
  • This is the safest way to co-sleep. SIDS is significantly reduced when you keep your baby close to you while sleeping but yet keep them in their own bed. Also remember to put them to sleep on their back and avoid giving them blankets or pillows.
  • You don’t have to go far to change diapers. There is storage space below the sleeper and the sides also have pockets so you can keep the diapers, wipes, and diaper cream in there. You can then change the baby right there on your bed with a changing pad.
  • You don’t have to get out of bed to breastfeed. Simply sit up and scoop ’em up!  Just a side note – here’s a tip if you’re bottle feeding… you might want to check out the Tommee Tippee Travel Bottle and Food Warmer.  It’s a thermos/warmer that you can fill with hot water before you go to bed and it can either warm breast milk or be used with formula. It’s portable so you can put it on your night stand without needing to plug anything in. It will stay warm all night even with multiple feedings and it’s only $13.



My assessment of the Arms Reach Bassinet Co Sleeper

When I was pregnant I felt like there were so many things to buy and even though it was spread out over several months, it still felt like it was all at once. A friend of ours gave us a pack n play so we figured why waste money on a bassinet when our little one would only be in it a short time. The first few nights we brought our daughter home I remember being so worried about her. I would constantly be checking to make sure she was okay. In order for me to do that though, I had to sit up in bed to see into the pack n play.

Needless to say, I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep between that and all the feedings. After a while I got more comfortable with the idea of being responsible for another human life and after she started gaining weight that she was probably okay without me checking on her constantly, but I hated the idea of not being able to see her easily. It was also a pain getting up and out of bed each time because the more I moved around the harder it was to fall back asleep.

Looking back… I really wish I would have bought this for my daughter. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely appreciative of my friend for giving me her pack n play, but I just feel that the Arms Reach bassinet is a well thought out product that would have made my nights a lot easier.


How well is it made?

It’s very sturdy whether secured to your bed or used as a standalone bassinet. Arms’ Reach has been making co sleeping bassinets since 1997 and is a Parenting Magazine Mom Tested Featured Pick. I think the company’s name makes perfect sense because with an Arm Reach Co Sleeper your baby is literally only an arm reach away.


Comparable products

Okay, so this product isn’t the only co sleeping option on the market so let’s talk about them a little and see how they compare.

  • Pack n play with bassinet. It can grow with the baby and is portable which is nice. The downside is that you won’t be able to easily see your baby inside the bassinet. It also probably depends on the model but I’ve read that other mother’s found that they weren’t very sturdy. Not that it would fall over, but that it moves with the baby and therefore can wake them up.  The pack n play higher position (not the infant attachment) is similar to using the Arm’s Reach bassinet in the stand alone position but the pack n play can’t be wheeled from room to room.
  • Cradle. Most have sides so that you can see in and are wood so look very nice. They are stand alone and heavy so not portable at all. You also have to remember to lock the cradle while the baby is sleeping so that they don’t shift it.
  • Bassinet.  They are usually super cute but with all the material around it, you can’t see your baby. Sure you can get a video monitor but the image is not at all the same as seeing them in person. Bassinets are usually smaller too which means your baby will outgrow it faster.
  • The First Years Close and Secure Sleeper.  It is a small sleeper that is supposed to lay in the middle of the bed.  It is very small though, only 24 inches.  The average newborn is 20 inches in length so this will be quickly outgrown.  Also, this would probably only work for a single parent or those with a kind size bed.
  • Summer Infant by Your Side Sleeper.  It is also a small sleeper that is supposed to lay in the middle of the bed.  The mattress is bigger at 29 inches, but still your baby will outgrow it in 3 months and with the width being 13.5 inches, you’ll probably need a king size bed to be comfortable or else keep it on the floor.  This folds up and sounds like it’s best for when temporarily traveling.

Granted all sleeping options will have good things and bad things about them but based on all the research I have done, mother’s really love the Arms Reach bassinet co sleeper.  I really wish I would have known about this sooner!  Every sight I’ve look at, hundreds and hundreds of reviews have rated it 4.5 out of 5 stars.  The Clear Vue model is the best choice because it’s adjustable to fit the height of your bed.  Other Arm’s Reach models require you to purchase an additional leg extension kit.


What others are saying about this sleeper

  • They love that they can lay down next to their baby and have more bonding time
  • Their baby is so close that they can easily get to them before they get too upset and therefore it’s easier to get them back to sleep
  • Extra sheets are expensive, but others have found that a king size pillow case works just as well
  • The height is adjustable so that they can easily see and reach their baby
  • Those that bought it for their second child wish they had gotten it sooner

Where to Buy

This is one of my longest reviews to date but deciding where your baby sleeps is important and I wanted to give you as much information as I could regarding this product.

As far as where to buy this sleeper, I can tell you that I typically recommend Amazon because I love their 2 day free shipping option for Prime members.

CLICK HERE to purchase through Amazon

At the time of this post, the bassinet was actually cheaper at Walmart.  If you can make the trip out or don’t mind waiting about 5 days for their free shipping, it will save you $11.

CLICK HERE to get WalMart’s Great Price on the Arm’s Reach Co Sleeper


I assume that since you’re looking to purchase an infant sleeper, that you are expecting very soon or have a little one in your life…

so congratulations!

8 comments on “Arms Reach Bassinet Co Sleeper Review – Why the Mini Clear Vue Model is the Best

  1. Now that is awesome, I’m sure there are a ton of women right now that could use this. Although I dont have any children yet, I already know my fionce’ would totally love this when we do! Anyways, thanks so much for the tip! Im going to share this with her!

    • Kristy

      Hi Matt, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my review. Definitely keep this in mind when you and your fiance are ready to start a family. I think you’ll really be happy with this bassinet.

  2. I know how you’re feeling. I wish this was around when I had mine. I could have used it with all four of them. It seems it would have been easier to roll over and look at them as opposed to getting up and going to the crib, bending over to get them out and then going back to bed. And the price is affordable…no more than a regular crib. I wonder, is it sturdy enough for 2 babies? I see how easy it is to put together but I’m wondering if mom’s of twins could use one of these.

    Thanks for this review. Although my children are grown it’s something I could give as a gift to close friends who are having or will have babies.

    • Kristy


      I love researching new products because in the baby industry new inventions are coming out all the time to save us parents time and energy. Sometimes the trick is getting the word out that these products exist! Please pass my site along to friends and family and keep it in mind for baby showers as you mentioned.

      You had a great question about whether or not this bassinet would be suitable for twins. It is sturdy enough so it is possible, but you wouldn’t get to use it as long… they would outgrow it faster because it’s narrow. The Arm’s Reach Original bassinet is the better option for twins because it’s bigger (the model above in my review is 34″x20″x31″, the original model is 39″x24.75″x33″). I’ve also heard that it’s good health wise to have twins sleep close together for the first few months. They were used to being close in the womb and they in a sense need eachother to thrive.

  3. Hi Kristy, this is a great review for a product I always wished I could have used when I had my twins. My small bedroom in NYC did not accommodate a co-sleeper of any size, so it was not an option. Looking at your comments, I see that you do offer a larger co-sleeping option for mothers of twins, which is great. I agree that co-sleepers are the best way to go those first few months if you can manage to accommodate one. Infant twins do sleep better together and even seek each other out. We kept ours side-by-side in the same mini crib until they were too long to lay across the width of their mini crib, around 6 weeks. I would love to see a double-stacked co-sleeper (like a bunk bed) that is narrow enough to accommodate in a small space and would at least save a new mom with twins from getting out of bed even if her babies could not sleep side by side. Do they have those? Hmm…

    • Kristy


      Sorry to hear that you wanted one of these, but they didn’t fit your small space. The idea of a co sleeper bunk bed sounds pretty cool, but I researched it and don’t see anything like that on the market. 🙁

      Thanks for the confirmation that twins do sleep better together… that’s pretty cute that they seek each other out. What a special bond!

  4. Matthew

    The craddle looks very easy to escape from for babies. Is it safe to leave a baby in it while going to another room or do you need to keep your eye on baby all the time to ensure she doesn’t try to get out and fall on floor?

    • Kristy

      The bassinet is meant only for newborns who don’t do a whole lot of moving. Once they are able to sit up or roll around a lot, it’s time to move them into another sleeping option. By then your baby will be sleeping for longer periods of time as well, so it’s easier to get up to attend to their needs just once or twice during the night versus every 2-3 hours when they are first born. This sleeper is safe for naps, but you’ll want to keep your eye on your little one regardless of where they are sleeping. A video monitor is the best solution for this.

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