Amazon Mom Diaper Deal – Better than Wholesale Club Stores?

This is now the second article I’m writing about the Amazon Mom program because I’ve found that it’s been a popular one.  I can understand why.  You’re curious, you want to save money, you want that 1-2 day shipping, and you like all that Amazon has to offer… but you’re not sure if it’s worth the cost.

You can read my original post here.  It compares Amazon Mom to buying diapers from regular stores.  It also explains all the benefits that come with the Amazon Mom aka Prime Membership.

stacked diapers

In this post I’m going to be discussing the Amazon Mom diaper deal… is it also better than wholesale club stores like Sam’s Club, Costco, or BJ’s?  Those stores are known for buying discounted items in bulk so I wanted to take a closer look to see for myself.


Free Shipping

When I looked online, I saw that they all offered a free shipping option which I didn’t realize.  If you don’t want to go to the actual store because you are very pregnant, are still recovering from childbirth, are too exhausted to shop with your little one, or would simply like to spend your time doing something else, this is a wonderful option.  I have to say that I’ve actually been spoiled with Amazon Mom’s free 2 day shipping on all items that I now hate to pay shipping – ever.

What’s better about Amazon’s free shipping though?  Amazon has a recurring shipment called a subscription so you don’t forget to order diapers and you don’t have to spend the time purchasing them each month.  Amazon will simply send you an email reminder.  If you want the same shipment that month you just do nothing.  If you would like to edit the subscription you can then login to your account at that point and delay the shipment or change the shipment if you need a different size diaper for example.  Also, Amazon has the fastest shipping – 2 days – where the other sites are 3-5 business days.



Okay, so 2 day free shipping is great, but let’s get to the cost.  Are the Amazon Mom diaper deals better than wholesale club stores?

Just so you know, I’m using the same product in this comparison as my original post: 

Pampers Swaddlers, Diaper Size 1 – The Economy Pack Plus 216 count



Amazon Mom $37.75 subscription$34.75 with $3 instant coupon $99/yr $548.25(incl. one time coupon)
Sam’s Club $45.98 regularly$39.98 with $6 instant coupon $45/yr $590.76(incl. one time coupon)
Costco Doesn’t sell pampers!Huggies equiv 192 ct. $37.49 $55/yr $561.11(need 1 1/2 extra boxes)
BJ’s Biggest box is186ct. $39.99 $50/yr $609.86(need 2 extra boxes)

Note:  When I did the original article the Amazon price was $35.99.  I research all store prices on the same day.  I’m now doing research again with the big wholesale club stores and the Amazon price is now $37.75, so I am using this new price in the new comparison grid above.  The instant coupons were found on the retailers site.


If you look at the final price you’ll see that Amazon is cheaper than the big wholesale club stores… Sam’s Club, Costco and BJ’s!


Granted, if you are already a wholesale club member you’re already paying that membership fee, but if you look at Sam’s Club and subtract the membership cost it’s only $2.49 cheaper per year than Amazon.  All the Amazon perks are definitely worth the $2.49/year.  If you’re not sure what all the perks are, refer to my original Amazon Mom posting link above.

So… If you ask me, Amazon Mom is a better diaper deal than the big wholesale club stores.  Forget about Sam’s Club… buy diapers from Amazon Mom’s Club. 

Seriously, you will love the deal on diapers but you will also love the free 2 day shipping on all the other products.  Now that my daughter is getting older and interested in TV, the Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and Sesame Street episodes (included in the Prime membership) are a big hit along with the Amazon Music playlists so as she’s getting potty trained, I’m still finding great benefits from this program.


Try it out for yourself by clicking the ad to sign up for free for 30 days. 

Have any questions?  Just ask.


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