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pic_of_meThanks for visiting my website.  My name is Kristy (nickname Krispix) and I’m the mother of a now 2 year old girl.  As a new Mom I struggled with the overwhelming feeling of not knowing what to do and when to do it.  Sure, some things were natural instinct but I wanted to make sure I was giving her the best care that I could.  I put a lot of pressure on myself to be the best Mom that I could. I read books, articles, online posts… you name it, I was reading it!  I had a natural child birth and breastfed because I knew I wanted to start out on the right foot, doing what was best for her.


I knew it wasn’t just about what I did for my daughter though, it was also about what I was teaching her.  I knew it was important to lay down a good foundation in order to help make both of our lives easier as time went on.  I was actually looking forward to teaching her things and to see her grow and be independent.  Being a Mom is a tough job though!!

Looking back on things I know that I did lay down a good foundation, and I’m proud of that, but I also realize that I was putting too much pressure on myself and I was stressed.  That’s something that I continue to work on.

These days I’m still researching topics, but I’m also sharing what I’m learning and that makes me feel good.  Blogging on Baby Sleep For Me has become a hobby for me and it’s helping to release some of that pressure and stress by talking about it.


Lots of Opinions Out There…

I know there are a lot of different opinions out there on how to raise your child, including different ways to help get your baby to sleep but I’m hoping that you find my site “Baby Sleep For Me” helpful. 

I will discuss different subjects here and give my thoughts and opinions along with facts I’ve researched.  I’d like to help you relax a little and find something that works to get your baby to sleep for longer periods at a time.  I know what it’s like to not get sleep because of a crying baby or cranky toddler and the feeling of helplessness.  I hope you don’t give up and just assume that it’s normal because there are many different things you can try.  I hope my site is helpful, and I wish you the best of luck!


My Success…

By applying the things that I will discuss on this website, I was able to get my daughter to take good naps… meaning she would wake up happy.  If my baby was happy, I was happy!  Those days when she woke up crying and cranky just seemed to be the longest days of my life.  I’m sure you know the feeling and it’s why you’re here.  Not only was I able to get my daughter to take good naps, but she was also sleeping through the night (waking just for feedings) by the 2 month mark.

My goal with this website is to help you to get your little one(s) to sleep longer and to get the rest that you need and deserve!  If you would like additional help or have any questions/comments I encourage you to leave comments on my site or email me at kristy@babysleepforme.com.



Interested in Becoming a Mommy Blogger?

I have always been interested in starting my own website but I didn’t really know where to start.  I created a Weebly account and dabbled a little bit but quickly gave up because I didn’t really know what I was doing.  I then found an online community called Wealthy Affiliate. 

It’s a wonderful community where online entrepreneurs help each other out with answering questions, giving advice, networking, etc.  It also offers online training courses with lessons including how to come up with a niche (main focus), how to create a website, write articles, research keywords to get Google and Bing rankings, marketing, social media, etc.  It is just a wealth of information and I really had no idea that creating a website would take this much work… but I’m finding that I love it! 

Creating a website is fun and interesting and it’s exciting to watch it transform and grow as I learn more.  It’s also a great way to make extra money. 


If you think it’s something that may interest you, check out my Mommy Blogging post.




4 comments on “About Me – Baby Sleep For Me

  1. Ken

    It was great to find your site on a mutual location in which we share. My oldest son was one of those babies that never wanted to sleep unless we had something to do. He loved to stay awake most of the night until he was about 2 yo. Once he started sleeping a full night our second boy came, now we have 3 boys and we are divorced. That’s another story.

    Now my oldest son is 16. Like a typical teenager, he wants to stay up all night again….

  2. Kristy

    Thanks for taking the time out to visit my site Ken. Kids are quite the challenge, aren’t they! I’m sure you have quite a few stories with 3 boys. Hope to hear from you again.

  3. Hi Kristy, Great site, I love the name and tagline! I was a bit stressed as well when my daughter was only a few months old. It was hard when I tried to put her down for her nap and she would pop back awake when I was trying to get something to eat or go to the bathroom! Some days I just held her through her nap while I watched TV instead of trying to put her down and have her wake up again.

  4. Kristy

    Hi Emma, thanks for the compliments. I’m glad you found something that worked. As a Mother you start appreciating the little things, like a hot meal and peaceful bathroom breaks because you don’t always get them, lol.

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